About us


Thanks so much for stopping by to find out more about us as your breeder! My name is Alex, and if you decide to become part of the bluebonnet pomsky family, i'll be your point of contact!


Before I started our breeding program, I actively trained dogs in the Austin, Texas area. I earned my Diploma in CBST (Canine Behavior Science and Technology) from Companion Animal science institue, i completed the 12 week Starmark Canine training and behaviorist program, along with over 700 supervised hours in dog training with various problems presented by clients and over 1,000 education hours. As much as I loved training, the time demands didn't fit with being a single mother of 3. 


While i may not be actively training new clients, i love to be able to bring the science and education i've learned over the years to create wonderful pups. This knowledge is where the information in our puppy starter pack was developed from. From the moment the puppies are born, we begin working with them with neuroligical stimulation exercises to ignite their development both physically and cognitively.


All of our breeding parents are family pets. Whether they live at our ranch, or in a guardian home, all of our parents are treated and loved as pets. Our guardian homes are screened and must live in the austin/georgetown/temple areas during the breeding span of the pup.


Our goal by design is to create physically and mentally healthy and sound dogs worthy of your investment!