Dog training


We are excited to announce our online dog training platform our families can purchase to help them after their pup tranistions home. Non-BBP families can also purchase the programs found below! If you are a BBP family member, remember to get your unique coupon code before making any purchases! We wanted to make sure you get your family discount! ;-)


At Bluebonnet Pomskies we begin trainging our pups at 48hours old! By the time they leave our care at 8 weeks they are fully working for their food and ready to begin their next step in training! 


Check Out Our Online Classes Below!

Foundations Obedience Course - Everything You'll Ever Need To Have A Well Trained Dog


Bringing Your Puppy Home, A Complete Checklist 


Therapy Dog At Home (Coming Soon)


Service Dog (Coming Soon)


Facility or Nursing Home Dog (Coming Soon)