Our guardian program is where a family or individiual has selected one of our mama's to share custody with Bluebonnet Pomskies during the course of their breeding age. 


Once the puppy has turned 6 months of age, the puppy may go to their furever home. Once the puppy has had at least 1 heat cycle and is over the age of 18 months, when she comes into heat she will be bred. During her 8th week of gestation, she will see our veterinarian for her final check and head back to our home to await her delivery.


She will stay with us until the puppies are fully weaned at 4 weeks old. The total time mama's are typically with us is 5 weeks. After the mama has had 5 litters, or if our veterinarian recommends stopping sooner, the guardian family then owns the pup free and clear. 



-The guardian family MUST live in the Georgetown/Austin/Temple area for the entire breeding time of the dog. If the family is getting a puppy, expect a 4-year minimum commitment. The family must not be more than (1) hour drive from Weir, Texas.


-The person/s must have a stable work history.


-The family must live in a house with a secure yard. No apartments or condos. 


-The family cannot have aggressive dogs in the house or intact male dogs of any size.


-The family will be given prenatals for their pup after breeding has taken place, but it is expected they will feed Pawtree Dog Food FOUND HERE On average our mama's eat 3/4-1 extra-large bag of dog food. No other food is allowed to be fed to our mama's. Family is expected to adjust food intake as the mama's gestation progresses. Full instructions will be given to the family on how to care for a pregnant mama after breeding takes place.


-Familys must provide heartworm medication monthly of ONLY pyrantel pamoate and ivermectin. Family's are NEVER allowed to give any other oral medication, ESPECIALLY oral flea and tick medication


If this sounds like something you would like to proceed with, the next step would be an application. Click Here To Apply To Adopt One Of Our Dogs


After the application comes a phone interview. Things discussed will be dog experience, lifestyle, and why they want to guardian. 


If all goes well, the next step would be to do an in-person interview at your home. If we agree that your family would be a good guardian, a background check on all adults living in the house is the last thing to be conducted at the expense of the guardian family before signing our guardian contract.