Puppy Starter Items

Below you'll find products that will aid you in bringing home your puppy. All of the products listed below are suggestions. If you have specific questions relating to the go-home preparation of your puppy, please reach out to us via text or email. 


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Foundations Obedience Course - Everything You'll Ever Need To Have A Well Trained Dog


Bringing Your Puppy Home, A Complete Checklist 


Dog Food


Dog Crate With Divider 


A Few Variations In Puppy Pens

No. 1

No. 2


Kong Wobbler

Small holds 3/4 c of food

Large holds 1 1/2 c of food 


Litter Box


Alfalfa Pellets For The Litter Box


Washable Pee Pad For Under Litter Box


Water Bowls That Attach To The Crate


A Few Variations In Cots

No. 1

No. 2



Suggestions For Tough Toys

Kong Tough Ring

Kong Wobba Fetch Toy

Kong Tug Toy

Kong Dental Chew

Tough Ball

Ball n' Rope Toy

Kong Quest Tough Chew Toy


Tough Swim Pools (Water Troughs) 


Puppy Soundtrack With Relaxing Songs


Training Items


British Style Slip Lead, 3/8" Thick (Walking Leash)


15' - 100' Long Training Line






Bait Pouch


Lickity Stick


Grooming Items


Furminator Deshedding Bath Set


Undercoat Rake

Bathing Brush


Vacuum Brush Attachment




Pet Oder Destroyer


Urine Destroyer


Stain & Oder Destroyer